Slavin Architects

Mercy College Trade Training Centre

The new Mercy College Trade Training Centre images.

Location: Mirrabooka Avenue, Koondoola
Status: Completed 2014
Photographer: Slavin Architects, John Chisholm
Project Description: A centre to facilitate the training of high school students in the areas of human services and child care. Noteable design features include: Access to covered outdoor learning areas, automated louvres integrated with the indirect evaporative ventilation system, automated night purging, cross ventilation, ample natural light and flexibility for use as an after-school care facility. Constructed of steel and clear finished plywood, the raised walkway runs through the centre of the building and allows staff and students to observe the activities taking place in the learning areas below. The paint colour used here, inspired by the blood of Christ, was designed specifically for Mercy College, and has been used for other exposed architectural steel on other projects.