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Read amore about the team at Slavin Architects, including our founder, Murray Slavin.



Murray Slavin


Murray is thoroughly holistic in his approach to architecture, viewing the discipline as the convergence of art, science, culture, spirituality and philosophy.  Extensive travel and involvement on overseas projects informs Murray’s global view of architectural design. On his home turf, Murray would like to see more sustainable and adaptable structures cropping up in Perth, buildings designed for multiple (and changing) uses over the long term. If he hadn't been an architect, Murray wanted to be a fighter pilot - now he has the best of both worlds, architecture during the week and flying planes for fun on the weekend.


bill coe


Bill's thoughtful approach to each new project is the antithesis to reactive architectural design. Deeply aware of the impact the built environment has on its inhabitants, Bill believes that designing responsive, adaptive and sustainable structures is an architect's responsibility to the wider community.  Bill holds beauty as equal to functionality in importance - in his view, every new building is an opportunity to create something beautiful.

DebbieUcich-Office Manager- Slavin Architects.jpg

Debbie Ucich

office manager

Debbie is the glue that holds our office together. She's been with Slavin Architects for 20 years and says her favourite thing about her job is the people. Debbie counts rowing and pottering in the garden as favourite ways to spend her spare time.

StuartNeal-Director-Slavin Architects.jpg

Stuart Neal


Stuart is one of those work-life-blend people who enjoys his work so much he would hardly call it a job at all. Very much a 'people person',  Stuart rates working with exceptional people as his favourite part of the job, alongside his ability to positively impact upon people's day to day lives through the projects he has been a part of. Stuart is an advocate of 'quality over quantity' instead of reactive design and false economies, a stance that is informed in part by Frank Lloyd Wright, whose uncompromising commitment to the integrity of architectural design resulted in some of the most celebrated buildings of the 20th Century. 

TuanNgo-Graduate-Slavin Architects.jpg

Tuan Ngo


There was a time when Tuan wanted to be a Jesuit priest. Luckily for us, he was called to architecture instead. Tuan is passionate about sustainability, and has received multiple awards recognising his skill in this area, including the [design]ability Award for affordable housing. Tuan brings this commitment to sustainability to the office every day, where he is responsible for the office worm farm.

Anjana bw2.jpg

anjana balakumar

graduate of architecture

Anjana's interest in Environmental Design stems from her childhood pipe dream of being an archaeologist (Indiana Jones, specifically). However, it turns out she much prefers creating artefacts to discovering them. When she's not drawing concept plans, Anjana likes to read, practice archery, and head out for long nature walks.